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Limited Mobility Exercise Class

These limited mobility exercise classes are run by Michele Abercrombie-Riva and take place every Tuesday from 2-3.30pm. They cost £5 per session and are endorsed by Age UK.

There are times in life, when we may find difficulty with our mobility and balance. It would be good if we were healthy and active a hundred percent of the time, but sadly it’s not the case. As a yoga teacher and ex-nurse, I appreciate the importance of looking after our wellbeing, which includes our physical, mental, and emotional needs. To stay fit and well, we must stay active.

The classes comprise warm up exercises, followed by specific movements called Otago (endorsed by the NHS & Age UK). This type of exercising helps to improve strength and balance, and reduces the risk of falling. We end the sessions with some cool down stretches and relaxation. Exercises can be adapted to suit each individual, but just wear your normal clothing and footwear. Afterwards, we have well earned cuppa and a chat.

For more information contact Michele Abercrombie-Riva on: 01629 815168 or by email:

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